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2D tracking, painting out the rods, creating a clean plate, rotoscoping, matchmoving & matching grain. 

Compositing muzzle fire layers & smoke, painting shadows & light interaction & colour correction. 

Shot 06 : Muzzle Fire

Shot 05 : Rod Removal

3D camera tracking, rotoscoping, asset development, paintout, adding shadows, animating colour correction & matching grain . 

 3D & planar tracking, logo paint out, adding reflections, replacing the logo, change helicopter colour,  matchmoving & matching motion blur. 

Shot 04 : Logo Replacement

Shot 03 : Sign Replacement

2D Tracking, green screen keying, bg painting, rotoscoping, colour matching, 2D relighting, matchmoving, matching grain

Modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, animation, multipass rendering of cg blade, compositing blade and blood elements, projection on 3D geometry, digital scar makeup, colour correction & stylization.

Shot 02 : Zombie Katana

Shot 01 : Actor Replacement


Shot 07 : Digital Makeup

Look development, skin treatment, compositing bruises & wounds, track & warp elements & colour


Look development, green screen keying, 2D tracking, matchmoving, rotoscoping, integration

of multiple smoke stock elements, time warping, distortion effect & colour correction

Shot 08 : Ghost Project

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